Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Halfway Through The Holiday

We're now about halfway through our holiday and are having a great time here in Pevensey again.

The rain held off on Saturday so we got the tent up in the dry although it was very windy which always makes putting the tent up fun.

Some friends of ours were at a nearby campsite for the weekend so we met them for dinner at Frankie and Benny's on Saturday night and then for a barbecue on Sunday night. We ended a really nice night by sitting on the beach drinking and watching the kids play.

We did a 13.5 mile bike ride to Eastbourne and back which was marred slightly when Rhian took a dive over her handlebars bruising her ribs slightly. It's a nice ride most of the way there on proper cycle paths apart from the last mile or so where there is no cycling so your are forced to dice with the idiot drivers who are only interested in finding a parking space.

Yesterday we dodged the torrential rain at the site of the old Greenwich observatory which is now a science centre with lots of hands on exhibits. It was great fun and really interesting.

Today we went for a walk at the seven sisters country park. We walked to the beach at the base of the "seven sisters" which is 7 chalk cliff tops and then decided to climb a very precarious path up to the top off the first cliff.

In hindsight this wasn't very sensible as it was a sheer drop to one side but the spectacular views from the top made it worth while.

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