Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a rip off!

My Dad has been slowly losing his eyesight over the last few years to the point where he is nearly blind in one eye and has less than 50% visibility in the other. The doctors still don't really know why and keep calling him back for test after test.

He is now finding it very hard using his PC and has been looking for screen reader software. Most of the stuff he's used is pretty rubbish, including the default one that comes with XP.

He finally trialled one that seems to fit the bill perfectly, it's called JAWS and he gets on well with it. He was all set to buy a copy but got the shock of his life when he saw the price!!

It starts at nearly $900!! That's ludicrous. $50, maybe $100 but surely most people who need this software a visually disabled and need the aid that it provides but can't afford that. That's even more expensive that a complete MS Office Professional suite that corporates buy.

There's no way he can afford that and can't get any sort of sponsorship or charity assistance. The RNIB are happy to pay £1,000's for speaking this, that and the other but completely ignore one of the fastest growing areas at the moment. Home computers!

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