Monday, April 10, 2006

Still here

I haven't updated in a few weeks now as I'm so busy. I get home in the evenings and am too knackered to come up with anything to write. Katie has been pestering me so here's a brief update.


I've attended a few 1-2-1 NLP session with my "Life Coach" and have found them very useful. As I wrote here before I was very sceptical of the processes but have given them the benefit of the doubt and think I've made a lot of progress. A lot of it is common sense and some of it is real eye opening stuff.

Still feeling generally very good at the moment and keeping the depression and anxiety at bay. I'm taking the ADs every other day now but have no immediate plans to try and come off them yet.

I'm trying to make plans and commitments for things that need to be done rather than never quite getting there. We've committed to getting a certain amount in savings by the end of this year and that will hopefully alleviate some of my financial commitment fears. We finally got the garden tidied and it looks so much better. We've just got to keep it that way now :-)

New toy

I decided that rather than splash out hundreds of pounds on fixing my PC and getting a new processor/motherboard etc, which would only benefit me, I would get something that the whole family can use. So we are now the proud owners of an XBox 360. I've never been much of a console player but we've had a playstation and an original xbox in the past but this blows them all out of the water.

Everything about it is really polished from the looks, the interface, the controllers, xbox live. And the games all look stunning. Project Gotham Racing 3 has to be seen to be believed. And to top it all you can download lots of extras from Xbox live and xbox live arcade including 2 of Katies favourite games, Bejewelled 2 and Zuma (so she's happy!)

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