Sunday, April 30, 2006

Roger Roger

In preparation for our little road trip at the end of June both Garan and I have got Autocoms for our bikes to allow us to talk to each other and to listen to some music.

They're a great idea but very messy, so many cables. The unit is mounted under the saddle with cables for the headset, two way radio, mp3 player all coming up between the tank and saddle and then the devices are all located in a tank bag.

Leaving the bike is now a bit of a hassle. I'm now looking for a way of putting everything, including the main unit in a tank bag, I'm surpsrised their isn't already some form of plug and play unit.

The units themselves are excellent quality and you can easily have a legible conversation even while travelling at speed. They cut out all the background noise and I can see why lots of professionals use them.

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