Saturday, March 18, 2006

Need Goals And Objectives

This weeks NLP session was all about setting goals and objectives to get the best out of life. You need to make a list of goals, make sure you write them down and most importantly make sure you tell people about them.

This is so true, when I lost some weight in 2004 (3.5st) I have to put it down to the fact that I was open about what I was doing. I told everyone at work and everyone that reads this blog and kept them up to date. I think it's because if more people know what you're trying to achieve then not achieving it becomes harder as you don't want to lose face or to have publicly failed.

So often in life we don't set ourself targets or objectives for fear of failing. If we don't try it then we can't fail. I can see that I've done this lots of times in my life. Well now that's going to change!

So what if I don't achieve what I set out to but at least I will try. There's a saying "There's no such thing as failure, just feedback."

So far I've got the following out of NLP.

1) Have fun in life!
2) Be positive and use positive thinking
3) Set goals in life and tell everyone you can

It does sound a little idealistic and could be seen as a lot of new age nonsense but I say nothing ventured nothing gained.

I'm trying to convince Rhian to try things in life and not be scared of not achieving what she wants. It's easier to give her this advice than it is to take it myself. I've clearly got to try harder.

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