Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Very sceptical

Tonight, I attended the first of 5 sessions of "Mind Fitness". This is an NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) based course apparently leading to better control of the mind and controlling of the conscious and subconscious. Ultimately it's supposed to empower you to achieve what you want.
The course, and specifically, the trainer, were recommended to me by a friend of mine and I didn't really know what to expect before attending and have to admit to being somewhat sceptical. I guess it's down to the unknown and if people really have all the skills to empower themselves then why aren't we all using them.
Anyway, I went into it with an open mind. But an hour later, I just didn't get it.
We had to be able to easily get into a "trance like state" called Foveal Vision and this involved focusing on a spot on the ceiling and allowing your peripheral vision to come to the fore and when your were fully relaxed you had to clench your right fist. I don't know if I just wasn't doing it properly but all I saw was a spot on the ceiling. And clenching my fist did nothing. I now have to practice this daily until the next session?!
The trainer then explained Time Line Therapy. I understood this in principal but when it came to putting it into practice I didn't feel anything. All I had was a voice in my head telling me "this was stupid and wasn't working!"
What you're supposed to be able to do is see your past memories mapped out in a line behind you and future memories mapped out in a line in front of you. You are then supposed to be able to navigate up and down the line at will. If you want something to happen in the future then you're supposed to be able to visualise it in your Time Line and actually get close into it and almost touch it and imagine what life would be like.
We had to pick an area of our "Wheel of Life" that we wanted to improve. I don't know if it was me not knowing what I really wanted to achieve but I just couldn't imagine myself in this "future time line".
So I have to clench my right fist to get into Foveal Vision and my left fist is a "positive anchor"?! And I can apparently stack my anchors. I also need to practice this for next week.
Right now I feel a bit deflated. Reading online about NLP it's seems a bit like the emperors new clothes. Everyone is raving about it but no one can really explain it. Is it all a placebo? I really do want it to succeed but is my mind too strong willed or too set in it's ways to allow any new ways of thinking in?
For what it's worth, I'll practice what I've been asked to practice and will go back next week and persevere.


  1. Hey Steve.
    I would like to offer you some insight to your experience just after I give you some ramblings on my own background.

    I began learning NLP in 1992. For nearly 10 years I had wanted to learn Time Line Therapy yet didn't have the means to get to the US from Australia to lear it. Fortunately someone brought it into my circle and I have been singing the praises ever since. These aren't praises of TLT per sei, but rather praises of my ability to _let_ the process get results through me.

    I experienced TLT at the end of a 7 year relationship when I called on an old friend to help me 'get over it'. She did this with TLT in the space of 4 hours! Mate, I was a new bloke! And I have wanted to tell the world about it ever since. So I got trained in TLT and put myself out there.

    There is one thing that my teachers (clients) have given me whhich I hold in high regard and that is their ability to be powerful in creating their own experiences; even if those experiences aren't the ones they really want to have!.

    TLT is a _let yourself do it_ process. It is not a 'get it right' or 'make it happen' process because it requires the enrolment and dancing of two fundamental aspects of you: Your conscious WILL power and your unconscious ACCEPTANCE/Love power.

    From my work with others, the most disruptive influence to TLT working successfuly occurs when a PART of you comes to the forefront of your awareness to protect you from:

    1. Getting it wrong
    2. Being hurt
    3. Being rejected, dissmissed or devalued
    4. Failure or the unknown
    5. Anything else you might term 'self sabotage'

    This PART needs a different technique to enable it to be included, integrated and aligned with your intention to grow. This may be done by any skilled and practiced NLP practitioner/ Master Practitioner.

    Once you have that 'questioning, skeptical, protective facet' online wit yourself, then you will let yourself benefit greatly from TLT.

    I wish you every success and encourage you to become your own scientist. After all, What the Bleep would I know.

    Cheers Steve.


  2. Thanks for the comments Peter. I've have quite a positive experience with NLP since then and will update this blog shortly.