Saturday, January 21, 2006

A useful resource

While searching around the Internet for articles to help my CBT skills I found the following site:
This actually offers a free online 16 week CBT course. From what I've seen it is a very detailed site that seems to offer all the right information and guidance.
I'm going to start the 16 week program as I don't see that it can do any harm. It also has it's own online forum and instant messenger so you can talk to people 24hrs a day.
Worse time of day?
I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles in the mornings but recently it's the mornings when I've been feeling worse. This has strangely been more obvious at weekends recently and I can only put this down to sleeping in too long in the mornings.
I read a very interesting article online this week about sleep and how to condition your body to be a "morning person" and I think I might be getting too much sleep at the weekends. Sounds strange I know but I thought I'd see if I could improve the situation.
This morning I got up at my normal weekday time just to see how I felt. I wasn't as tired during the day as I expected and certainly didn't have as much time in bed to dwell on everything going on and get myself all worried and depressed.
I've still been a little bit up and down during the day but certainly didn't start the day on a big downer. If I keep busy I don't have time to think and can get on with my day quite happily but every now and then I'll be aware that I'm feeling ok and then immediately start battling with myself to stop negative thoughts taking over again.
It's very hard to motivate myself to do anything at the moment but once I start something I'm fine. There's loads to do around the house at the moment but I just can't face doing anything. I get to the weekends now and would be happy just to spend 48hrs doing nothing.
That's not fair on everyone else so I've got to make a special effort. Sundays have been hard for the last two weeks as I've started them with a big downer. I'm going to make a real effort to start the day positive and keep busy. If the weather's good I'll go out on my motorbike. I've not been out on it this year yet!

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