Sunday, January 08, 2006

Making a start

We started de-cluttering today and I made a start by sorting out some of the junk and old clothes in my wardrobe. I also sorted out clothes that are currently too small with a promise to myself to get back into them soon.

I started making a mental list of all the little things that I need to sort out and started to have a bit of a moment when I just seemed to become overwhelmed with it all. I think it was a combination of miserable weather, feeling sad that it's the end of my holiday and trying to do too much at once.

We took a trip to the dump in the pouring rain and got rid of 3 dustbin bags of clothes into the clothing bins and several more bags of rubbish left over from Christmas.

I'd like to get a couple of broken springs fixed in the sofa and had a failed attempt at fixing the power shower. Looks like I should call in the experts :-)

Something Fishy!

We had a spring clean in our tropical fish tank on Friday and it looks really smart again. We decided to get rid of a plant that had taken over and replace it with a few artificial ones. We also added some more fish to replace some of the ones that have died or disappeared over recent months.

We bought 4 female guppys and 2 black sharks. One of the guppys has died already but we now have about 7 or 8 baby fish. Not sure if they're guppys or platys. Both of which are live bearers. I managed to catch 3 of the fry and put then in a makeshift nursery but the rest evaded capture and will have to fend for themselves.

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