Thursday, January 19, 2006

A bit of exercise

I had to visit our London office today and one of the things I dislike about commuting to London is using the tube. I always find it very crowded, dirty and stuffy.
Today I decided to walk the 30 minutes from London Waterloo to the office and am glad I did. It was a really nice walk, very scenic.
So I've done an hours non-exercise activity today without really trying.
I'm still trying hard not to let all the different things I have to do lump together at the moment and tackle them in small chunks. I'm finding it quite hard but am managing it. I'm also reminding myself not to try and "fortune tell" or "mind read" and that I can't make everyone happy all the time.
I'm still looking for a local support group and my sister suggested I look into setting up an online one.

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