Thursday, December 01, 2005

Starting the preparations

Amazing. It's the 1st of December already.
We're well underway with Christmas shopping and the girls have put their requests in to Santa. It's Rhians 10th birthday next Sunday. 10 - TEN!! I'm not old enough to have a 10 year old daughter :-)
We're planning on taking Rhian and a friend to see the new Harry Potter film on her birthday and she has a joint party planned with a friend but that won't be until the new year.
I've got one more CBT session planned for Dec 20th and I have to admin to being a bit nervous. I just need to trust that I don't need to rely on it. It's been a real eye opener for me and looking back at my blog for this time last year I can see that I thought I was dealing with it when really I was avoiding things. I think I'm much more aware of my thoughts now and how they can act against me if I let them.
Things still worry me but that's normal. They're just not overly worrying me and I'm keeping things in perspective and not allowing lots of little problems to become one big problem. That's the important thing!
I'm more aware of what I can do now and what I don't have to do. I'm not perfect and trying to get everything right and fixed quickly is the wrong way of approaching things.
I'm looking forward to Christmas again this year. We're going to friends for dinner on Christmas day (a swap from last year). Oh, and Santa... I'd really like a new digital SLR camera for christmas, say a Canon EOS 350D ;-)

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