Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Skype do it again

Skype have recently release a beta version with support for video calls. I tried this out last night with a video conference with my Dad and we got it working first time.

The picture was great, even when blown up to full screen and there was still no dropouts in the sound. This great product just gets better and better.

Rhians Birthday

It gave Rhian a chance to thank her Grandad personally for one of her many birthday presents. I can't believe she's now 10!

She got a Nintendo DS and an MP3 player amongst other things and she seems to manage playing with both at the same time :-)

We also took her to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and this was easily the best of the HP films so far. Much more of a wider appealing "action" flick with some edge of your seat suspense and quite a few one liners, mostly from the adolescent leads.


We've got a departmental Christmas "do" tomorrow night, starting with a meal and then a trip to Reading Greyhound stadium. Should be a good laugh. I've never been greyhound racing before and will allow myself £20 to bet. I think the norm is to bet on the one with the funniest name.

I've also decided that I can wait for the new digital camera until the new year. I can't justify spending £500 on a camera just at the moment, Katie keeps reminding me that my motorbike is my Christmas and Birthday present for the next 3 years!!

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