Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

Hurrah - 2 weeks off. I finished work today for the Christmas break and am not back at work until January 9th 2006!

The last week or so has been much more relaxed at work and I've not been worrying too much about things. I had my final CBT session on Tuesday morning and my counsellor was very supportive and commended me on some of my thinking and decisions over recent weeks.

It's a little scary feeling like I'm on my own but I can always go back if needed.

We've got a fairly busy Christmas break coming up and hopefully Father Christmas will be kind to everyone. I'm quite looking forward to not cooking Christmas dinner this year and being able to enjoy the day a little more although I do feel like something is missing when we haven't had to buy huge quantities of food. Still, we're making up for it by having friends over for dinner on New Years Day.

Happy Christmas everyone!!

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