Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Putting it to the test

I've been off work sick today and it's given me time to reflect on the last week at work and how well I think I've coped.
There have been lots of annoying little issues at work and one underlying fairly major issue and I've been worrying about things again. I've been putting the steps I've learnt at CBT into play and overall I'm pleased with the results.
I've stopped myself a few times from running off down the negativity path by thinking positive and saying what's the worse that could happen and how would I cope with that. Each time the answer is "just fine"
I think the problems get to me more if I have to wait for someone else to fix them. I'm very impatient and if I'm not doing something practical to fix an issue then my mind has more time to start the negative thoughts.
I'm also learning that some of these thoughts are normal and nothing to do with not being able to cope or that I may have missed one of my tablets in the morning.
I have to admit to feeling a massive sense of relief when each issue is fixed though, it's like a mild euphoria. I think it's a nervous release more than anything.

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