Tuesday, September 27, 2005

2 more CBT sessions to go

I can't believe how the time has flown by. I had session number 10 this morning and there are just 2 left now. I'm only having 1 a month now and have found them really helpful.

Today we were discussing how I have coped with various issues and incidents in the past. It's proved to me that I can always cope with whatever is thrown at me even if it looks very bleak at first. It also made me realise that my anxiety started about 2 years earlier than I had previously thought.

It started when I had a really bad 2 month period in my life when Katie had a miscarriage, I made a mistake at my old job and had a disciplinary and a verbal warning and I made a very bad job move. That was the first time I actually remember feeling extremely vulnerable and helpless.

I'm feeling much more confident now in my abilities to cope and now know that the medication isn't actually helping me as much as I thought. I'm doing all the work but believing the medication is letting me do it when that's not the case.

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