Friday, August 12, 2005

Still making the most of the good weather

Had another full day at the beach yesterday. Now Kira isn't getting so cold she seems to have more confidence in the sea. Rhian is just a waterbaby like me.

We had one minor mishap yesterday when the little kiddies dinghy got away from us and I had to swim out and get it. I always thought of myself as a good swimmer but I don't have much stamina.

I panicked briefly that I wasn't going to make it back but soon saw how silly that was when I was holding onto a big inflatable. I hadn't appreciated how hard it is swimming into a beach when the tide is going out.

When we get back I'm going to get back into shape and shift this weight I've put back on. I don't think someone my size will ever have the sort of body that I'll parade around the beach in tight speedos (now there's an image that's going to stay with you all day) but I want to stop people trying to re-float me when I'm sunbathing.


  1. Steve! I've just had my breakfast! Suppose it could have been worse - how about me in Speedos? :o)


  2. Now stop it the pair of you!