Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Great few days

Yesterday and today have been great!

Yesterday, we spent the day with the boat on the river Dart. We put it in at Dartmouth and slowly travelled up with the tide to Totnes. We stopped for lunch in a lovely riverside village called Stoke Gabriel and had coffee at the Riverside Cafè in Totnes. We travelled a total of 19 nautical miles which I think is about 22 miles.

Today we went to Blackpool Sands again. I took the boat from Tor Cross which is about 2.5 miles with Rhian and met Katie there. The weather was glorious without a cloud in the sky. I treated myself to a wet suit and Rhian and I took the boat out and had fun jumping off of it. When we brought the boat, it was days like today I had in mind.

The forecast for tomorrow is for more sun, lets hope so :-)

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