Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cracking day

We had an excellent day today. Started off with a cooked breakfast at the Sea Shanty, a local café.

This was followed by a couple of hours bombing up and down Slapton Sands beach in the boat with the new engine. Once I got to grips with the slightly different controls it was fine. With all four of us aboard we could plane at 12 knots with a top speed of 14.5 knots. The old engine managed 13 knots on a flat sea with a tail wind.

I went out on my own and managed 16 knots, but the design if the keel of the boat means it pulls a bit of water back over the transom into the boat. I guess that's why it has auto-bailers.

We then took a break and popped into Kingsbridge for some supplies, had lunch back at the tent and then hit the beach for a few hours this afternoon.

Dinner in Dartmouth was followed by a quick stop on the beach again but this time to fly my 4 line power kite, a Rhombus Firebee 4m.

We have had warm, unbroken sunshine all day and tomorrow's forecast is more of the same. :-)

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