Saturday, August 27, 2005

Back almost a week!

We decided to come back from holiday a day early as rain was forecast for our last night and we couldn't face putting a wet tent away after the great few weeks we'd had. We had a fantastic last few days of our holiday with time on the beach and in the boat in Salcombe too. Hard to believe we've been back almost a week!

I was a little concerned that we got home before it started raining as the windscreen wipers had decided to pack up on my car. Sod's law - when it took it into the garage the following day they worked fine!

I've also had 2 new front tyres fitted this week. When I first bought the car I was shocked to find that the tyres were £150 each!. This time I had 2 new Dunlops, fitted, and the tracking reset for £196. Still a lot for tyres when you consider it's just an MPV and nothing sporty. It's something to do with them having re-enforced sidewalls.

I'm currently in Sleaford at my Dads. I came up this afternoon on my first long ride on my motorbike. It was a nice ride up, the country lanes are the best. I did take pleasure in filtering past a big merc that had been overtaking everyone at stupid places when he had to sit at some red lights like everyone else.

New phone

I've tried again to get a new phone. This time I've gone for a Sony Ericcson K600i on Orange. This is a 3G phone so I should get some decent data rates. I'm using it with my laptop as I type this. Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to get it dial up from my PDA for some strange reason.

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