Monday, July 18, 2005

WHS - What a Hopeless Store

Katie pre-ordered the latest Harry Potter book from WH Smiths at the beginning of June so she would get a good price and guarantee we could pick up a copy on Saturday when it was released.

She turned up on Saturday afternoon, with order confirmation and Rhian in hand only to be told that none of the pre-orders had been shipped and she'd have to return on Monday.

Needless to say she was not impressed, particularly as there was a pile of books taller than Rhian right next to the till.

"Why can't I take one of those?" - as she points to the pile.
"They're not pre-orders"
"What difference does it make! they're the same book!, just put my one in that pile when it turns up."
"Oh, OK, I suppose we can do that"

Absolute idiocy! We won't be using their pre-order service again.

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