Wednesday, July 27, 2005

where are the weeks going?

I completely forgot to post the outcome of my last CBT session.

CBT Session

I'm definately going to start recording the sessions as there's just so much to take in that I'm forgetting things. I was beating myself up a bit for not writing down positive stuff as well as negative stuff. I was told not to worry though. When things are going well it just doesn't occur to me to think about the therapy.

The main thing we focussed on last time was making sure I have the "toolkit" to be able to deal with issues when they arise. One of these is something I've tried before which is writing down the negative thought and then challenging it with realistic and positive thoughts.

We'll be going over some more "tools" over the coming weeks.

She also asked if I was interested in helping in a depression support group as I would be ideal. I said I'd love to help if I could. Apparently it's something they're thinking about starting up.

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