Saturday, July 09, 2005

A sad sight

I had to work this morning along with one of the guys from my department and we had to move some servers from our office to our datacentre in London.

We left early to avoid as much traffic as we could and ended up right in the city and had to drive past the location of two of this weeks bombs. The bus location was completely screened off but was swarming with media. We then drove past King's Cross station where there was still a huge presence of police and the fire brigade.

They were still battling in terrible conditions underground trying to recover bodies.

Again the media were swarming all over the place and were focusing mostly on a memorial area that was piled high with flowers from the general public.

That was the first time it really hit me just what a big deal this really was. It's a sad state of play when you almost get used to bad news and as long as it doesn't affect you directly you just get on with your life.

I'm very lucky that I don't know anyone that was directly affected by the bombs but I'm more conscious of just how devastating the consequences were. Seeing it with your own eyes does something that seeing it on the TV can never do.

On the way out of London I noticed a huge Police presence every where. Pretty much on every street corner.

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