Monday, July 18, 2005

Bust my boat

We took our boat out for the first time this season and went down to the River Hamble at Warsash. I got the engine all fired up on Saturday to check it was all running OK. It took a bit of persuasion to get started but only a few minutes.

We were down there by about 10.30 and all setup and in the water by 11am. We trundled slowly out of the river into the Solent along with hundreds of other boats (we were the smallest by far!). Once we got to the unrestricted section I opened the throttle and waited for us to be thrust into the sunset. But it didn't happen. The engine barely accelerated at all. I automatically assumed we'd all put on lots of weight over the winter.

The water was a little choppy but we'd been through worse, the boat just wasn't getting out of the water and planing. After a minute or two the engine cut out completely to the accompanyment of thick smoke pouring out of the top of the engine. Ooer.

Katie and I grabbed a paddle each and started the impossible task of trying to paddle back against the tide. Luckily we got the offer of a tow back into Warsash and gladly accepted.

Katie's going to drop the engine off at the local marine servicing centre and hopefully we'll get it fixed in time for our holiday in August. I'm guessing this is the result of not servicing the engine for 2 years :-o

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