Sunday, June 05, 2005

Worst part about camping...

is having to take the tent down in the pouring rain, its even worse when it's accompanied with thunder and lightning. We now have a soaking wet tent that needs to be dried out and it doen't look like the weather is going to be suitable until at least Tuesday.

Still we had a great week away and are counting down the 8 weeks or so until our next holiday in August.

We've continued the holiday feeling into the weekend by having an excellent (and cheap!) cooked breakfast at the cafe in Tescos this morning followed by a nice day at the Basingstoke Kite Festival

It's amazing what some people were able to do with some of the kites.

QVC Slip Up

Not something I'd like to admit to normally but I made a cock-up with QVC before we went on holiday. I caught an offer they had while channel hopping (honestly!) for a Ricoh Caplio R1V digital camera. It caught my eye because the only complaint I have with our current digital camera, a Canon Ixus V3, is that the optical zoom is too short at only 2x. The Ricoh had 4.8x and still in a compact case. It also came with 2 sets of rechargables, charger, 256mb SD card and leather case for £230 ish.

I missed the postage and multi pay options so went online to look at the details. It was supposed to be 3 payments of approx £72 pounds but I couldn't see if it was interest free so went through the motions expecting it to give me payment options. My mistake came when it asked for my membership number (from a very long time ago!). I entered this and it accepted my order!

I immediately logged in to cancel it but there was no record of it. I got no email confirmation so just assumed that because it was an old account there was no credit card details registered and the order would be cancelled.

Guess what was waiting for me when we got back yesterday......

The zoom is very nice but the quality is nowhere near as good as the Canon even if it does have an extra 1.8 megapixels. It's going back on Monday. Good job they have a 30 day money back guarantee

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