Sunday, June 26, 2005


This article from the BBC news website has made me very angry. It concerns Tom Cruise clashing with a TV presenter over Anti-Depressants.

Tom's stance is that anti-depressants are of no use to any one and that psychiatry is "pseudo science". How can someone who has never taken anti-depressants or personally seen the benefits of them make such a sweeping and unfounded statement. It's crazy and completely irresponsible to use your position as a celebrity to spread such idiocy and untruths.

Ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you just how useless they are! (sic). I fully support their use and would challenge ANYONE who believes otherwise, even Cruise.

He even made the bold claim that the Tv presenter was irresponsible for "advocating" drug use just because he knew someone that anti-depressants had helped.

Hundreds of people end their lives each year because they feel unable to cope for psychological or psychiatric reasons. Hundreds more ARE helped by taking anti-depressants. I just hope that Cruise' ridiculous statements don't turn others away from reaching out for help.

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