Friday, June 24, 2005

From one extreme to the other

Following a glorious and very hot week I was all geared up for another hot and sticky days training today. I'd arranged with Pete to start at 7am and this meant getting up at 5am and leaving home at 5.30am

It was absolutely gorgeous with the sun just coming up and mist rolling off the fields. There was virtually no traffic and I made good time. Unfortunately the heavens opened as I pulled into the training centre and it rained on and off for the next 3 hours.

I was quite surprised that I still enjoyed it. I was a lot more wary of the corners but I seem to have improved in all the areas I needed to improve on. Some parts of Banbury were still dry when we left and when we got onto some dual carriageway I was very comfortable getting up to 70mph and even overtaking some cars.

I made a huge improvement with U-Turns and managed more successful turns than unsuccessful. I also think I've got the hand of the emergency stop. Overall it was a very good 3 hours and if I ride on Tuesday as well as I did today then I should pass without a problem.

This would be very good as I now have a real incentive to pass. I can pick up my new motorbike on Wednesday if I do :-)

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  1. Hi there Steve.

    Katie told me she thought you would enjoy my following your blogs.. I can not understand why she does not blog as well. I am MichelleR on one of her e-mail lists.
    Anyway... that is terrific about the motorbike. My husband Keith has one quite a few years ago and I enjoyed riding with him on it.

    You have a good time with it and good luck on the exam.