Monday, May 30, 2005

How can they get it so wrong?

Yesterday, todays weather was supposed to be sunny, light winds and 19 degrees.

We had torrential rain overnight and it's been overcast most of the day. There was a massive downpour with thunder and lightning just before lunch and we had to take shelter. Typical bank holiday weather really.

Tomorrow's forecast is sunny, 18 degrees and light winds. Ha! We'll see. Still, it didn't spoil the day.

Shoe-per Dooper

I discovered a shoe shop with a very large selection of size 12, 13 & 14 shoes. Very sad I know but I never usually get a choice. What was even better was that they had a sale on too! I got 4 new pairs of shoes for £87, not bad.

We went for a nice walk to the nearby village of Pevensey Bay this afternoon. Only about 3.5 miles but some of it was along the pebbly beach so the girls were quite tired when we got back.

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