Friday, May 27, 2005

Holiday day 1

This morning was a complete disaster!

Firstly I had to re-fit the bike rack as it hit the trailer wher turning. So 45 minutes later I'd raised the bike platform and re-adjusted all the bike positions.

So we eventually got under way near mid day. Then to further complicate matters, about 3 miles before the m25 on the a3, I glanced back to see that all the bikes we horizontal instead of vertical. We pulled in at the service station to discover that the new height of the bike platform and the weight of the bikes was too much and the upper half of the aluminum frame had folded over!!

I then had to take the bikes and trailer off, leave katie and the girls there for lunch, go and buy some roof bar bike racks, go home take off the damaged rack, put the roof bars on, and the old bike racks and then go back and collect katie, the girls, the trailer and the bikes. Phew! all in 31 degrees C too.

Good thing is the was no damage to the car and we avoided putting the tent up in the hottest part of the day.

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