Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Great Weekend

Had a really good birthday weekend. For the first time in a long time I was exceited about my birthday because I hadn't gone and bought all my own presents beforehand. I actually had some surprises to look forward to.

The weekend started with the cinema on Friday night with Garan to see Star Wars Episode III. Excellent film and much better than the first two. I did feel the main story was slightly rushed but visually is was like nothing I've seen before.

First thing Saturday I got to open my presents. I got some t-shirts (including an Orange County Choppers one!), some CD's, some DVDs, a new heart rate monitor, a book, some playmobile motorbikes :-) and Rhian made me a china motorbike.

Kira's school fete was a washout on Saturday morning so she didn't get to do her maypole dancing (or pole dancing as she thought she was doing!). We did our bit and spent some money on the stalls.

I then watched Star Wars Episode IV with the girls while Katie did a face painting job.

We then went out on Saturday afternoon and I bought motorcycle boots, helmet and gloves all ready for my training in a few weeks. Katie also let me buy a nice shiny G-Shock watch as a birthday present too :-)

To round off the day we went out for a meal at Manhattans restaurant in North Camp with Garan and his "friend" Jen. Great food and a great evening.

You can see from the previous post what we got up to on Sunday and then last night we finished off by going to the cinema to see The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. A very good interpretation of Douglas Adams excellent books.

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