Wednesday, May 25, 2005

CBT Session 2

Had another really good session with the counsellor this morning. It really helped me understand a bit more about myself, my expectaions of others and what I think they think of me.

A lot of my stress is bought on by myself putting pressure on me to make sure people like me and not doing things that may upset people or cause confrontations. This is not compatible with the work place. I concentrate on trying to be a friend rather than a manager.

What this means is I'm always tip-toeing around people and issues rather than just dealing with them and delgating as any normal manager would. Because I've made life so much harder for my self doing this I get more stressed.

When I ask for things to be done I ask like a friend would ask a favour. I need to learn how to be more ascertive without resorting to aggresive which is what happens now when my friendly approach doesn't work and I get annoyed. Ultimately I shouldn't be concerned just asking people to do their job.

The strange thing is there is absolutely nothing to justify my ways of thinking.

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