Monday, April 25, 2005

:-( I broke my bike

I was out on a cycle ride with a mate of mine tonight when I managed to break my bike. We were about 5.5miles round on a 10.5 mile circular route so pretty much as far away from home as possible.

I was standing up, cycling up a hill when there was an almighty twang from the rear wheel. I stopped and checked I hadn't snapped the chain or broken the deurallier. I couldn't see anything wrong. I carried on for another 100m when there was a rattle from the back wheel. Closer inspection showed that I'd managed to snap 3 spokes and had a massive buckle in the rear wheel

The conundrum I faced was do I try and ride it the 5 miles home or walk it. I decided to risk it and very gingerly rode another 2 miles before a 4th spoke snapped! Needless to say we walked the last 3 miles.

I noticed a slight buckle in the rear wheel and a slight vibration when I was out riding yesterday, I'm guessing I snapped just one spoke during the week when I'd been out perhaps bouncing up or down kerbs with my large bulk. I hope East St Cycles can repair it as a new wheel is going to be expensive!

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