Sunday, April 17, 2005

Gonna be expensive

I started pricing up some motorcycle gear yesterday. It's gonna be expensive. I've managed to get hold of a waterproof jacket and trousers and had a look yesterday at helmets, gloves and boots. I reckon I'll need to spend a minimum of £400 for these things.

Pete, the guy who's going to be training me thinks I should book my practical test already as they book up quickly in the summer. He will then plan the training around the date I get for the bike test. He reckons I'll easily be able to train for it in 12-14 hrs (not all in 1 go!)


We went to see Hard2Handle again at the Polo club in Ewhurst. Yet again it was an excellent gig and Katie enjoyed her first experience of the band. They've changed the set a little since last time but I think it was for the better.

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