Friday, April 01, 2005

Finally doing it.

Doing what? you may ask.

I've wanted to get my full motorbike licence for a while now but have always found reasons not to actually commit to the training. I think it is due to a fear of failing. Probably the same reason I haven't taken any professional exams recently :-o

I came quite close to doing it last year but kidded myself that we should save up for a boat upgrade instead.. yeah right! that was never gonna happen.

Well yesterday I booked my Theory test for Friday 15th April at 09:30 and today I sent of the payment for a 1to1 training course. It's quite a convoluted path to obtaining a full unrestircted licence. You have to have passed a Motorcyle Theory test before you can take your Motorcycle Practical Test.

Before you can take your Practical Test you obviously have to have training but your not allowed on the road until you've passed your CBT or compulsory basic training. Because I'm doing direct access training and will be able to ride any size motorbike once I've passed I'm allowed to train on a 500cc bike but have to always be accompanied by a qualified instructor or the public roads.

Hopefully I'll be doing the CBT in early May with the training shortly after. I've yet to decide if I should do it over a few weekends or just do it over an intensive 3 or 4 days. I'll update my progress as I go along.


  1. Anonymous1:30 am

    You sound as though you are finally managing to overcome depression/anxiety/or whatever they want to call it. Good for you! I hope I will be in this position in time to come. I was diagnosed withn depression over 2 years ago and have been on many diferent drugs since, none of which have seemed to help. I have given up work and often given hope of a future life.
    The drugs I was on last August made me dizzy and as a result I fell down some stairs, completely smashing in the right hand side of my face. 2 major operations later I still have problems opening my right eye and with sight.
    I attendeed some CBT sessions when I was first diagnosed but they didn't help - possibly because they were too early in the stage of my illness. From your experiences, can you offer me any hope for my future?

  2. Absolutely. Try and think positive and you WILL feel positive. It's hard I know but it does work.

    With regards to anti-depressants, keep speaking to your doctor until you find one that does work, and you will find one.

    I found a combination of beta blockers and seroxat got me started in the right direction. I then stopped the beta blockers after 2 weeks.