Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No Updates?

Blimey, I didn't realise it had been so long since I updated this page. The birthdays have come and gone and everyone did very well. Kira really enjoyed her party at Wizzy World but it took at least 2 hours for the ringing to stop in my ears after the very high noise level :-)

I decided to spoil Katie for her birthday as she was so nice to me earlier in the year when I wasn't feeling so good. It's always me that gets the nice presents and I usually end up buying them myself but I decided that it was time I spent some money on Katie that wasn't on clothes. So she has a new mobile phone, a new watch and a new computer. :-) I hope she likes them. It makes me feel good giving nice presents and not wanting anything back.

Todays been the first mild day we've had for a while following the cold snap of the last few weeks but typically, it's now raining! I was contacted by someone in Canada last week after she stumbled onto my website and she wanted to share her experience of anxiety. It was nice to finally chat to her a few nights ago on MSN Messenger. Canada sounds like a lovely country to live in and the cost of living is so much lower. She was shocked when I told her how much our houses cost and mow much the weekly shopping costs. Now they have real snow (and bears!)

Hard 2 Handle

It's only fair that I plug this fine band. I've seen them a few times now and am hopefully going again in April. Their website is and can also be found at (I think I may have to offer my web design services :-) )

And me...

I'm still feeling so much better although I have managed to hurt my back again. I've got my first appointment through for my referral from my doctor to hopefully start some form of cognitive therapy. Could do with England performing better in the Rugby though. But it's not all bad, the new F1 season has started - woohoo!

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