Friday, February 04, 2005

Strange few days

Not quite sure why but I've been struggling to keep myself "up" for the last few days. I've found myself micro analysing everything and looking for problems. I'm overhearing every conversation and am hearing everything as a major problem and it's setting alarm bells off so I'm on edge constantly.

If I can put a positive spin on it then I've manage to not let it get me down and have a full on attack but it's been hard. I've been reading some more of my book and filling in some of the exercises. It seems there are 10 very common negative responses to anxiety and depression, such as trying to fortune telling, mind reading, seeing things as all or nothing. I can see pretty much all 10 responses in some of my examples.

I also spoke to my doctor this morning and asked to go back on the seroxat. I'm positive that I was feeling better than this after 4 weeks last time. I've got to go cold turkey for 3 days then start the seroxat on Tuesday.

What I need to do is keep busy all weekend and not give myself time to dwell on things because that's when it all starts to unravel. Hopefully tomorrow should be good when we go to see Cirque Du Soleil. We may even go a bit earlier and have a wander around the natural history museum.

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