Monday, February 07, 2005

It's official

I suffer from anxiety. Or at least according to the Feeling Good Handbook I do. They use 2 tests to measure your levels of anxiety and depression. I have an Anxiety score of 33 (out of 99) which indicates severe anxiety (30-99) and a depression score of 14 (out of 45) which indicates mild depression (10-20). I'm supposed to run the tests once a week and base my answers on the previous weeks feelings.

If I'd based the scores on how I've felt the last 3 days my scores would be much much lower as I've been feeling much better. It's strange but since I stopped the Cipralex on Saturday I've felt much better and more "in control". I don't know if it's in the mind or not. I thought perhaps it was because I was purposely not thinking about things that were triggering my anxiety but this isn't the case as I've been frequently thinking about these things but with more clarity and less "fog".

I start back on the Seroxat tomorrow morning and hope the upswing continues.

Back to it

I started back on my diet today and went back to spinning this evening. I haven't been spinning since the middle of November at it hurt like hell. And I know it's going to hurt even more tomorrow. At least I'll sleep well :-) I've managed to put 1/2 stone back on since Dec 24th which isn't too bad considering I've not even remotely dieted since Christmas.

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