Tuesday, February 08, 2005

How many words?

Just had a quick look at my blogger profile and was quite surprised to see that I've written over 29,000 words in this blog so far. That's about 1/3 of your average novel. I quite enjoy writing this, I find it a bit of a release. Still waiting for my first book idea to come to me and make my first million :-) You never know!


Back on the Seroxat today and it's probably too early to really tell but I'm still feeling much better. None of the "wired" feelings yet. I've also slept well the last few nights. The program on sleeping last week actually had some really useful tips, such as dimming the lights about an hour before be so your body starts preparing itself for sleep. Also moving the clock out of my direct eyesight so I don't spend all night clock watching and worrying how much I've slept and how long until I have to get up. I think this is probably the simplest but most effective thing I've tried.

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