Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feeling better

Today was a better day overall even though it got off to a ropey start when I was wide awake again at 04.30 but failed to get back to sleep again. Yet again I was very anxious about going to work this morning.

Once I'm there I'm fine but I'm expecting all sorts of problems for some reason. We're in the eye of the storm at the moment at work. There was a very busy period at the beginning of January to get the new office running in an ad-hoc fashion, by all accounts the guys at work have been extremely busy while I've been away. Then there's a relatively quiet period for a few weeks until we get our own connectivity installed and then there's a load of work to do again. I'm trying not to think about it too much. There's nothing that needs doing that we can't do and haven't done before but I'm still seeing one big problem task rather than lots of smaller manageable tasks.

I forced some breakfast down this morning along with a coffee and felt better this morning. I was actually hungry come lunchtime. I also started to read one of the self help books I bought a few weeks ago, The Feeling Good Handbook. This is a very positively written book and is all about using your thoughts to change your mood for the better. I only made it a few pages in but feel compelled to continue. There are exercises I have to fill in throughout the book so I actually have something positive and practical to do.

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  1. Hi Steve, also try this book on CBT, come highly reccomended. xx