Saturday, February 26, 2005


It's been a very chilly week this week with snow most days. Unfortunately it had all melted by the time I got home each day so I couldn't go and play in it ;-). I'm still amazed how badly we deal with so called "bad weather" here in the UK. A little bit of snow makes major headlines and is the main talking point. We've seen it before but people become gibbering idiots on the roads. They have much more snow and bad weather than we do in other parts of the civilised world, such as Sweden, Switzerland, Canada etc but do they have to shut schools. No!

Apart from the snow it's been a good week at work. I've been very busy and not had a single anxiety twinge for about 2 weeks now. There's lots of work on at the moment and lots coming our way which is good. I'd rather be busy.


Amazing, a bit of sensible spending and our credit card bill this month is half what it was last month. Even so we still make a point of paying it off each month and not building up huge credit card debts. I've been there before and it's not somewhere I'd want to revisit.


I'm not making any progress with my diet yet because the attraction of good food is too hard to resist. I need to try and get back into the right mindset before I can reverse the weight gain. So far I'm back up to 20st 5lbs :-( This was after I got down to 19st 7lbs from 23st.

I've been spinning twice this week and now it's going to start getting milder and lighter I can get out on my bike a bit more.

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