Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another day done

I tried the banana before bed and managed to fall straight to sleep. I was however wide awake at 4am worrying about work again. I was desperately trying deep breaths and relaxation to try and get rid of the cold sweats.

I managed to fall back to sleep at about 4.30am and woke up 5 minutes before the alarm was due to go off. I was so tired this morning and it was a real effort to get out of bed. I managed to forget to take my tablets this morning too.

I was tired all morning and struggling to stay awake. I managed to do some work and keep myself busy. I still don't feel like eating in the mornings and this is probably exacerbating how I feel in the mornings. Both yesterday and today I've felt much better after I've forced some lunch down.

I was so tired that I ended up dozing in my car for 30 minutes. It seemed to do the job as I felt better afterwards.

Katie reminded me today that when I'm feeling anxious I should write down what's worrying me and then try and write down some positive answers to each one. It backfired a bit as I wrote the negatives down but didn't manage to come up with any positives so convinced myself that there weren't any.

I'm still tempted to ask my doctor to put me back onto Seroxat as I'm sure I felt much better than this when I was on them. Katie called them my happy pills. It may just be that these tablets take longer to work.

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