Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!

And here we are facing 2005 between the eyes. Already a week since Christmas, unbelievable. I've had a good break so far and have managed to not worry too much about work. I'd like to know how people manage to just switch off. I can't do that and find myself drifting back to work when I have too much time to think. If I keep busy I'm ok.

We had a few days up with  my Dad in Sleaford and took a trip to the pantomime while we were up there. Didn't think I'd enjoy it but I did. We've also had our fair share of retail therapy as well.

New Years Eve was a fairly quiet affair. We went round to some friends, had a nice fondue. I had a couple of beers but didn't really enjoy them. Watched the fireworks on TV from London and have to say they were very impressive. Understandably the festivities were somewhat overshadowed but the Earthquake and Tsunami this week in Asia.

Lee, one of my oldest friends moved to Thailand earlier this year and was very close to the area affected. It turns out he was away over Christmas in a hotel. He thought the airconditioning was vibrating and making a noise. He got out of bed, switched off the air con and went back to bed and thought nothing more of it.

We also had some other friends who were in Phuket after recently getting married. They were right in the thick of it. They were on a boat off the coast of Phuket and had to ride it out. Luckily they were far enough out to sea to make that possible but it was still apparently very scary.

I guess I've had a reality check this week. All my problems and worries pale into insignificance when compared with over 120,000 people dying due to a natural disaster. I still have my family and my health, that's more important than any job.

Katie and I discussed New Year resolutions today and some of mine were quite easy. I want to get down to 18 stone by then end of the year. I want to try and worry less and be more patient. We're going to write our wills.

We're also going to make a five year plan so we know where we want to be and what we want to be doing by the time I'm 40. We'll either be settled in Farnham and have done up the house or we'll have moved. But if we move, I think it will be a big move. I'd like to move to New Zealand. I've never been but it looks wonderful. I'd also consider moving to Scotland or Canada. I just want to have something to aim for rather than just treading water as I've been for the last few years. This may even mean leaving IT and doing something else. I guess having close friends move away is making me jealous that I've not got the balls to do something myself.

Here's hoping....

Happy New Year.

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