Friday, December 24, 2004


Today was the first time I've worked on Christmas Eve for a few years so it felt a little weird. I'd not been able to really gear up for Christmas until I'd finished.

It also didn't help that I've been worrying silly about stuff at work again and really wanted to be able to switch off completely from work.

In an effort to kick start Christmas we'd planned a surprise trip to the cinema with the girls this afternoon to see The Polar Express, a new cgi Christmas movie. It did the job. I'm sure at any other time the film would come across as a bit cheesy but at 5pm today with lots of other families it just seemed very magical. The kids loved it and so did Katie and I.

Then to round off a perfect evening Santa found time to give Kira and Rhian a call and just firm up the arrangements for the big night. Their eyes lit up and they were completely star struck.

Got a couple of things to do tonight ready for dinner tomorrow and then that's it, bring it on!

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