Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Getting Stressed

I'm starting to feel the pressure at work a bit at the moment and am having to put everything I've learnt about anxiety to the test over the last few days. We're going to be opening a new office that has to be ready by the new year and yet we can't order any telco yet as the office hasn't been finalised. And then we've got to populate it for 13 staff with VPN links and WAN links. There's tons to do and not enough time to do it all. When we can order telco, it can't be installed for at least 4 weeks!

These staff need a server, pc's, telephones, faxes, printer, chairs, desks. We're moving some staff from our current office. We've got to set up different sites in our active directory and a second exchange server with mailboxes split between the two. Oh and if we've got time we'll try and take a break for Christmas.

It's hard to think that I've been off the anti-depressants now for nearly 2 months, last one was on the 8th of October. Had a shaky start and once I got over the withdrawal symptoms I've felt pretty much fine ever since. I had a couple of jitters but held it together. I think this move will be a good test. If I can get through it with no attacks I'l be much more confident.

I really want to get this out of the way before Christmas as I don't want work interrupting my break. It's strange that Christmas has a whole new meaning once you have kids and everything becomes magical again. You re-live your childhood through your kids and I really look forward to Christmas nowadays.

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