Sunday, November 14, 2004

Another weekend bites the dust!

This weekend has flown by. Katie has been face painting at Allders in Camberly all weekend so I've had to keep the girls occupied. We went for a walk in Alice Holt Forest yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, really bright sun but very cold. Kira has been ill for a few days and obviously got a bit tired during the walk and having the sun in her eyes was the final straw and she got very grumpy. She slept for over 2 hours when we got home. She's had a rough few days and was up during the night on Friday with croup.

Today I took them to Fizzy kids in Farnborough which is a soft play centre. They love it there. I took a newspapaer and didn't really see them for 2 hours. I still don't think Kira has shaken whatever it is she's had as she's sitting in the living room now (11pm!) watching a DVD. We suspect she may have a UTI (do a google search).

I've persuaded Katie to let me upgrade my pocket pc as a christmas present and managed to haggle with my Dell account manager to get the price of a Dell Axim X50V down from £349. Got it down to £297 so was pretty pleased. I ended up ordering 2 as someone at work wanted one as well.

I've now found out that it doesn't currently work with Tom Tom Navigator which is the main reason I've still been using my 4 year old pocket PC. I hope they fix that soon as I can't sell my old one until I have GPS working with the new one. I'm not sure I could face a long journey without GPS now, far too stressful.

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