Monday, October 25, 2004

It was this big...

Spent a day fishing at a lake near Wokingham yesterday with my friend Simon and his son Ben. Simon has really gotten into his fishing recently and knows all the technical stuff and has a huge amount of fishing tackle. I, on the other hand still class myself as a novice. I used to fish on the River Wey on Guildford a lot when I was a teenagaer and then did no fishing until last year when I started it up again.

Simon had fished on this particular lake a few times and has caught everytime and he made the bold statement of guaranteeing I would catch something. He set me up with some fancy "helicopter rig" and some boillies (banana flavour!) and some pva bags with groundbait in and I cast in expectantly. He managed to pull out 2 nice 8lb carp and even Ben caught a small roach. 3hrs in and I hadn't got anything and was becoming a bit demoralised.

I decided a change of tactic was required and re-set my second smaller rod for small silver fish and used some spiced sweetcorn kernels. First cast in and the float went under as I adjusted the rod and line as it usually does but it never came back up. Curious, I thought I'd over weighted the float so started winding it back an only to discover a very small carp on the end of the line. Hey, they all count.

The next 2 casts also delivered small fish immediately. 2 small roach this time. And then suddenly it all went quiet. For the next 3 hours. Simon got a run and proceeded to pull another big carp towards the bank only to lose it next to the landing net. We were all set to packup at 4pm and I was so busy chatting to Simon that I completely missed the fact that my reel was screaming and my rod had jumped forward on the rest. My the time I grabbed it the fish had let go. Doh!

The guy on the peg next to use was getting fish after fish and bite after bit. When we enquired what bait he was using he very proudly showed us a home made concoction of luncheon meat cubes covered in cayenne pepper and paprika. How do they find this out!

I love rock and roll

We to see the band "Hard 2 Handle" on Saturday night again. This time in a polo club in Ewhurst near Guildford. Much better venue and an excellent gig again. The band really got going after about an hour and everyone was dancing and underwear (ladies ;-) ) was being thrown on stage. I took the wise decision to drive. The track list included: Hard 2 handle, smoke on the water, gimme all you lovin', I believe in a thing called love, Hey Joe and other tracks that I recognise but couldn't name by The Who, Jimi Hendrix and loads of others. The set lasted nearly 2 hours.

I also think I've converted a few techno-sceptics over to the benefits of satellite navigation when my Tom Tom Navigator setup started taking into the middle of nowhere on a very wet and windy night, down unsignposted roads and delivered at the front door of the polo club.

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