Thursday, October 21, 2004

Feeling grotty :-(

Had a cold (also known as ManFlu) all week and getting fed up with it now. Men always suffer worse symptoms than women do but the women fail to realise this. I always get sinus problems with colds that usually end up as sinusitis. I took the day off yesterday as my sinuses under my eyes felt like I'd stuck red hot needles in them but they're a bit better today so I'm back at work.

It's been going around for a few weeks and the girls have both had it at least twice and I think pretty much everyone in the company has had it at one time or another. So I guess I'm lucky I've avoided it so far.


Saw my pshycologist on Monday (the appointment I requested 3 weeks ago when I was having a rough time) and he was very helpful again. I think I really just needed someone to remind me what I already knew about dealing with anxiety. Interestingly his approach has changed slightly in that instead of just using the distraction methods to deal with them you should'nt be afraid to face it head on. It came back to me always worrying that whatever I would do at work would have catastrophic effects for the business and it was all my responsibility. Well I know this isn't true but logic is never around when I have a panic attack.

He asked me what's the worst possible thing that could happen - well that's easy, you end up out of a job. The truth is although that's not nice, it's true, it's not the end of the world and I can get another job. When you simplify things like this it makes you realise that whatever happens you can deal with it.

Lets hope the logic side of me hangs around for the next anxiety episode.

And it's go go go!

We saw some friends of ours, Ruth & Andy, last weekend and Andy showed me a new PC game he's been playing online, it's called Live for Speed and it's an online racing simulator. I've had a quick play with it and it's very addictive. I'm already trying to shave valuable tenths of a second off my best lap time.

Played a few games online and it is very realistic. You can change pretty much any setting you can in a normal car and the seem to affect handling as a normal car would. The graphics are also pretty good too, it runs at a very impressive 100 frames per second on my PC.

The best bit - the demo download is free and the full version is just £12. My online ID is stevekdavis if you want to see how I'm doing.


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