Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bl**dy technology!

I bought a new mobile phone last week, a nice shiny Orange SPV C500. This is my first mobile phone contract for a while as I've always had pay as you go tarrifs. The phone was free on a £25 a month service plan.

Great, it's a nice looking phone, runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition so has internet access, email, msn messenger, shedule and contacts all built in plus tons of 3rd party software is availble. On first inspection its a very powerful mobile device and having the ability to hop onto the web anywhere or check email is great.

Sadly it's completly bug-ridden. In the week I've had it I've had random reboots, numerous problems trying to download POP3 or IMAP emails and don't get me started on Server Active Sync (although to be fair that's a problem with pocket pc's too). I've had voice tags just disappear and speed dials stop working.

I'm now halfway through my 14 day cooling off period so have to decide whether to keep it or not. It's a shame as I really want to like this phone but I just know these "niggles" are going to make me throw it across the room before too long.

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