Friday, September 10, 2004


Friday already, I really don't know where the week's gone. I haven't stopped.

Kira absolutely loves school. She came home after her second day proudly announcing that she could read and then proceeded to read from her first school story book. It's taking it's toll as she's very tired.

Rhian's school year hasn't got off to the best start. Her teacher has been diagnosed with breast cancer so she has a stand in for at least the rest of the year. This stand in teacher believes in punishing the whole class because of individuals mis-behaving. This should be interesting because I don't and I'll give the teacher 2 weeks to settle in before making my feelings towards her methods perfectly clear.


I've now got my anti-depressants down to 1 every 3rd day and am not having any problems at the moment. This is despite a pretty testing week at work.

Hospital Appointment

I've finally (after 3 months) got my hospital appointment to get the lump on the side of my head removed and I don't need it any more. The lump has disappeared on it's own over the last 2 weeks. Typical!

Diet & Exercise

I've now lost the 5lbs I put on over the holiday which is good but I really need to get back into the diet as I've got less than 4 months to lose the final stone now. I went on a nice bike ride last weekend and have another one planned for this weekend of the weather permits. I'm also going to try the new spinning "Studio" at Farnborough Gym on Tuesday to see if it persuades me to jump ship. I'm tempted to get a new mountain bike as my current one is too flimsy now that I'm fit enough to get out of the saddle. I quite fancy one of these but will need to do a lot of cycling to justify the cost. I've seen one in a cycle shop near my Dad for £450.

This weekend

I'm going to spend most of the weekend installing a new computer system for a friend of mine. I'm only doing this as he knows not to call me at work with any problems as I won't be able to help him.

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  1. Hey there Steve. I can't believe that the stand in teacher has that attitude. Wowsers. What a looser of an attitude that one has. I would certainly make my thoughts known to her on this issue. Not fair to the class as a whole when she punishes all.
    Hope it goes smoothly.