Thursday, September 16, 2004

One day...

There were some gorgeous boats at the boat show yesterday, even some that were halfway affordable. But not for me...not this year at least.

I may go halves with Garan on something a little bit bigger next season if our circumstances permit it. The most expensive boat at the show was an enormous Sunseeker that was £4,800,000 + VAT! - Different world completely.

Katies parents spashed out on a nice new vessel though. An inflatable canoe that looks like a giant pea pod :-) I'm sure they'll have loads of fun in it.

I did however buy myself a new bike on the way home and I'll pick up on Saturday hopefully. It's a Trek 4500 Disc in a 24" frame in blue from East St Cycles in Farnham. They were very helpful, much more than the "assistants" in Halfords.

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