Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bit of an update

Not updated much recently so here's a few snippets of what's been happening:


Kira is still really enjoying school. I don't know how people do the school run every day because it's completely buggering up my routine. Still, only 5 more weeks to go!

Fitness & Weightloss

Only just over 3 months left for me to hit my target. I've got just under a stone to go, Weight this morning was 19st 12 3/4lbs. Been for a bike ride already this week and am spinning tonight. The new bike's really good although the front disc brake has started squeaking a little. Not sure if this is a common problem on Shimano mechanical discs. I'll give it a few more rides out before I take it up with the bike shop. They want it back after a month or so any way to give it a "tune-up".

I'll need to start replacing some of my wardrobe soon as most of my clothes are now far to big and baggy. I've dropped from a 4xl to a 2xl in tops and from a 44" waist to a 40" waist too.


We're off to see my Dad this weekend. Should be nice as we haven't seen him for a while. The girls always enjoy the trip there. He's had a lot of problems with his eyesight recently that we always thought was due to his diabetes but apparently the "experts" have now said it has nothing to do with it what so ever. He was told he had to wait 8 months for an MRI scan which was a joke as at it's current rate of deterioration he'll be completely blind in that time. He wrote a strong letter to his MP and now has the appointment on the 4th of October. So MPs do have some uses then.


Mum finally got a place of her own and moved in last weekend. I've not spoken to her in a while so hopefully I've not done anything to upset her. She's had a grotty council place since she split with my Dad nearly 2 years ago and now has her own flat. No more shared bathrooms.

Latest Fads

One minute it was "I'd like to try tap dancing", now it's "I'd like to try line dancing". No, that's not Rhian or Kira (though they both do tap anyway), it's Katie. Unbelievable! - I distinctly remember her giving my parents a hard time when they did line dancing about 5 or 6 years ago. Just wait until she tries to rope me into it (pardon the pun!)

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