Thursday, August 05, 2004

Oh I do like to be....

Well you know the rest.

Had the day off today and took Rhian and Kira to West Wittering Beach. Weather forecast was supposed to be 26 degrees and wall to wall sunshine according to yesterdays BBC weather site. No sign of the sun this morning, however it was very warm and very muggy. Got down there at about 9.30am and it was nice and quiet. Had a great couple of hours, we all went swimming, girls made sandcastles, I even got chance to catch a few rays. It's great now that they're that little bit older and you don't have to watch them every second. They also play really well together. One thing I was really pleased to see there were free Child Safe wrist bands. I think it's a great idea. You write your mobile number on the band and then fasten it around the childs wrist and if they get lost or wander off there's no frantic searching of the beach. It looks like you can actually join and register your family information and get given an ID number so they have all of your details.

The marvels of the Basingstoke Power supply

I've never known a town to have as many power cuts as they do in Basingstoke, where I work. We took the girls to the new Aquadrome this afternoon and got there at about 4.30pm. We'd been in the water for about 10 minutes playing in to river rapids when the power went out. They had no backup power and had no choice but to shut the pool. Girls were very disappointed but took it very well, we were given free passes to all go back another day.

Went to Pizza Piazza in Farnham for dinner instead.

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